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Black and White Chocolate Marble Cheesecake

I brought my black and white chocolate marble cheesecake to the Halloween party and it was pretty popular. Since this was my like 17,283th cheesecake in a row, for one a week, I’m pretty sick of cheesecake. I’ve decided to pretty much stop baking them for a while (except for maybe Rose’s pumpkin cheesecake). So… Continue reading Black and White Chocolate Marble Cheesecake

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Experimental cauliflower fried rice

So I’m on this diet thing, trying to lose weight. As part of that, I’m calorie counting. Since my husband–who usually cooks dinner–doesn’t like calorie counting, we have swapped our chores. And this means that I get to play around with dinner (which he is okay with). I had read so much about cauliflower rice,… Continue reading Experimental cauliflower fried rice

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Protein Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Mini Cakes

I saw a variation of this online, as cookies. But it turned out rather cake like, so I decided to preemptively make them into cakes. I’m making this because I have all the ingredients on hand and because we’re trying to eat healthier. Part of this means fewer “empty” calories. Calories are basically empty when… Continue reading Protein Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Mini Cakes