Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake with Glaze

I’m going to a friend’s for dinner, so I thought I’d bring cake. I’m so burnt out on cheesecake (even though there’s still one in the fridge) that I decided to go back to an old favorite. I’ve loved lemon pound cakes since before starting baking. Like the latest attempt with the pumpkin-walnut ring, I… Continue reading Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake with Glaze

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Pumpkin-Walnut Ring: Don’t Use Frozen Pumpkin Edition

I woke up in the morning craving something sweet, and I was sick of cheesecakes. (I’d been baking them for the experiments, but I’m actually slightly lactose intolerant.) I really liked the pumpkin-walnut ring from last time. Plus, I had some leftover canned pumpkin from last time. So I thought I’d make another batch. I… Continue reading Pumpkin-Walnut Ring: Don’t Use Frozen Pumpkin Edition

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Guilt-Free Chocolate Chiffon Cake

I’d been wanting to make the guilt-free chocolate chiffon cake. Because chocolate and chiffon. What’s not to like? Unfortunately, it calls for both walnut and safflower oil, and that is kind of expensive. So I put off baking this cake while I played around with recipes where I did have all of the ingredients. But… Continue reading Guilt-Free Chocolate Chiffon Cake