Favorite Recipes

Here are some of my favorite recipes. They are chosen for ease, deliciousness, and wow factor.

Secret Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookie

These are the best chocolate chips ever. The secret ingredient is cream cheese, which I actually skip (use two whole sticks of butter instead). The actual secret, to my mind, is chilling the dough before baking it. That makes the butter hold together long enough to make the cookie nice and melty.

Triple Chocolate Banana Bread

This is from a mommy blog! But it’s actually delicious, with crazy rich chocolate-ness.

I use buttermilk or kefir instead of sour cream, because that’s what I usually have on hand, and because I think it helps develop the flavor better. It is quite a bit of work, but not any worse than the usual Rose Levy Beranbaum cakes.

Chocolate Oblivion Torte

There are only three ingredients to this cake. That doesn’t necessarily make it easy, but it’s certainly delicious. Other people wrote enough about it that I’m not going to write my own version.

Cheesecake (no water bath)

I have not seen this recipe elsewhere, so I’ll probably post it up eventually. It’s an incredibly easy cheesecake that is still delicious. It doesn’t use a water bath! But you do have to calibrate it for your oven, since the trick is that you keep it in the oven for a while after the oven is turned off.

Next time we make it, I’ll write it up.

Ice Cream Log Cake

This is another recipe that my husband came with. It’s essentially a sheet of sponge cake that you roll up with ice cream in it. It’s easy and delicious. I’m actually going to have to pull it out and compare it to RLB’s recipe to see if there’s any difference.

Pumpkin Walnut Ring

This one came from The Cake Bible, like so many other good recipes from The Cake Bible. This one stands out to me because it’s relatively easy, but deceptively delicious. Om nom nom!


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