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Sweet Potato and Apple Souffle

A friend of mine posted Martha’s Stewart’s recipe for sweet potato and apple souffle. Actually, she pinned it, and it was posted to Facebook, where I saw it.

This friend is a spectacular party host, and also quite a good cook for party items. But she hadn’t tried this recipe before.

Anyway, I have a giant bag of sweet potatoes I bought for Thanksgiving, and spare apples. So I thought I’d give it a go.


First, you bake the sweet potato and the apple until they’re mushy.

Then, you run them in the food processor and through a sieve, so that they are absolute mush.

The entire time I was working with the mix, I kept on thinking I was working with pumpkin. With just the sweet potato and apple, the color is just like pumpkin puree. The consistency too, after it was processed. And the spices were similar, especially with the apple being sweet.


The rest is like normal souffle. It calls for 1 egg yolk and 4 egg whites. It just so happens that I still had the 3 extra egg whites from the apple upside down cake.

Then you put them in individual ramekins. (We only have 4 matching ones.) And bake for a while, like a normal souffle.


I think I forgot how to properly whip eggs for souffles, because it didn’t quite inflate. That, or I wasn’t supposed to use old egg whites.



I guess souffles are fun, but this one didn’t really add anything to the already delicious flavor of sweet potato and apple. And it’s a lot of extra work to run it through a sieve and have to clean the food processor, and the individual ramekins, etc.

It tastes very similar to mashed ginger sweet potato in both taste and texture, but the mashed ginger sweet potato is much easier to make. There are also recipes online for sweet potato and apple casseroles, which seem like the taste would be about similar.

So, I would try a sweet potato and apple casserole instead. I think the souffle is not delicious enough to be worth the effort it takes to make them.


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