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Pumpkin Roll Cake

What do you do when it’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and you’re hosting that Thanksgiving? You bake something completely unrelated, of course!

I saw a post on a forum somewhere, where someone baked the pumpkin roll cake. Unfortunately, they didn’t roll the cake while it was still hot so it broke apart when they did get around to rolling it.

I have seen Shanti make roll cakes, though, so I knew what to do.

So I went and found Libby’s recipe for the pumpkin roll cake.


Here it is all rolled out on my sheet (which I forgot to flour).

See the uneven edges? I ended up trimming the ends when it was finally rolled, because it was ugly and because it had voids.

I got to use up all the leftover canned pumpkin I’d been storing in the fridge.

I also thought that the recipe called for sour cream for the filling for some reason, and I have about the right amount of sour cream. Well, it calls for cream cheese (which makes a lot more sense) so I had to send people out to get cream cheese for me.


I actually forgot to take pictures, because I was distracted with other things. This is about half of the roll, which we didn’t finish that night.

We had this with butternut squash risotto, which was super delicious. (Not posting on here because it was made in a pressure cooker, not baked.)


It was easy and delicious, so I’d do it again. But it wasn’t the OMG WOW reaction I was looking for.

The cake needs to be chilled before served. If you eat it before chilling, everything’s just kind of soft and mushy. After chilling, you get the next texture contrast, between the pumpkin sponge cake and the cream cheese filling.


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