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Apple Upside Down Cake – Take 2

You always have to bring something when you go to someone’s house for dessert.

I really liked the apple upside down cake so I made it again. This time, I used 3 apples instead of 2, because I followed the weight in the recipe, rather than how many apples.

It was a lot of apples.

Plus, I was supposed to only let it sit with a portion of the sugar. Last time, I put all the sugar in. This time, I put in what the recipe called for, and there was no water that came out when I strained it… Hmm.

Also, I was cooking in a hurry. (Which I should know better by now.) So I burned the sugar mixture the first time around. Of course, that made it take longer: I had to prep another baking pan, and redo the sugar. (But at least there was not water from the apples to waste.)

Lastly, I didn’t put the baking strip on the outside of the pan. I have an 8″ pan and the baking strip is for a 9″ pan. It was quite loose last time, so I just thought it didn’t do anything…

Turns out I was wrong.


If you don’t put baking strip on the pan, the edge will burn and stick to the side of the pan. (Also, I don’t have shortening and I find it gross, so I didn’t put shortening on the pan. Maybe that would’ve helped. But last time I had the baking strip and it came out fine.)

Anyway, I’m surprised it came out as well as it did, which is to say, delicious and most people ate more than one serving. We served it with whip cream this time.


I’m definitely going to try making it again, as if I don’t know what I’m doing at all. And hopefully get it right.


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