Ischler Cookie

I got some free StarPack Christmas Cookie Cutters Set. I’d bought some spatula from them and it came with a pamphlet to become a “VIP member” who might get free stuff. In general, I like free stuff, so I signed up not expecting much, but I actually got cookie cutters. (It’s useful too, since I don’t otherwise have cookie cutters.)


That means I need to make sugar cookies.

I asked Shanti if he had a favorite sugar cookie recipe. (He grew up making them; I didn’t.) He kind of shrugged unenthusiastically. I asked what the matter was, and he admitted that he didn’t much like sugar cookies because they’re boring. Well, he has a point.

As an alternative, I looked up Rose Beranbaum’s cookie recipes, and stumbled upon the Ischler Cookie recipe. I’ve never heard of Ischler Cookies before, but I like almonds, and Austrian desserts in general. Plus, I have all the ingredients, so I decided to give it a try.


I cut the butter dutifully into cubes.


And run it all in the food processor like they asked for.


It actually looks pretty good creamed with the butter.


It calls to put the dough in a plastic bag. Well, first plastic shopping bags don’t feel super sanitary to me. Second, our city banned them several years ago. So I just used plastic wrap.

Do not skip the plastic wrap. The dough is very soft and very sticky. If you try to stick your finger in it, you will be sad.


I cut it into four pieces, as directed by the directions, wrapped them in individually and put them in the fridge for about two hours.


Then I took one quarter and made some cookies.


Look, a reindeer!


Well, it was fun, but the dough was way more soft and sticky than what I think typical sugar cookie dough is, and that made it more difficult to work with.

The cookies themselves were very thin and the flavor is delicate. However, it was still not flavorful. I think if you put cream in it or if you iced it, it would definitely taste better, but I’m not onto the icing (or the decorating in general) of baked goods yet.

Anyway, not sure I’d make it again, even though it is a Rose Beranbaum recipe. At least, I’d try something else first.


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