Crustless Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is one of my favorite fall foods. I decided I wanted pumpkin pie, especially since I had pumpkin puree from making (yet) another pumpkin walnut ring. However, I didn’t want to leave the house to get crusts, and I don’t like crusts anyway. So I looked up a recipe for crustless pumpkin pie.

Oh, and it had to use up the other can of sweetened condensed milk that I bought for the chocolate marble cheesecake.

This is a trial run for Thanksgiving. If it turns out well, I’ll serve a crustless pumpkin pie (and probably a normal pecan pie).

I decided to follow this recipe, which uses up the ingredients I want and is incredibly easy to make.


The recipe says it takes 10 minutes to prepare, but seriously, that’s if you need to dig out your can of pumpkin puree and find the can opener to open it.

I baked for the 50 minutes it called for and that was enough for my pie, even though my oven is usually slow (for Rose’s recipes) and I had to open the oven to take out the pumpkin walnut ring and the lasagna that was reheating.



Well, it came out nice and firm. The slices held together very well and had the right texture. I personally thought it was a bit too sweet, but Shanti and his mom (my mom-in-law was visiting over the weekend) both thought it was just fine. (On the other hand, both the pumpkin walnut ring and the upside down apple cake disappeared much faster, so I can draw my own conclusions.)

Next, I’ll probably try a recipe with with evaporated milk and sugar, so at least I can control how sweet it is. For Thanksgiving, I’d probably add the crust back in because crustless pie is kind of boring, texture wise.


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