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Zucchini Pizza Boats

I had 4 oz of mozzarella left from my cauliflower calzone recipe. So we got some zucchini and squash at Costco and made pizza boats. Original recipe is from Cooking Classy.

I only made 2/3 of the recipe with 4 pieces of squash, which is half of the Costco bag. I made my super easy tomato sauce (also in cauliflower calzone recipe) and followed the direction from Cooking Classy for the most part. Well, I skipped the pepperoni because Shanti doesn’t eat meat.


I used garden fresh parsley in my tomato sauce. We planted one in our veggie garden and it grew like crazy, but we hardly used it, mostly because dried parsley is so much easier. (It turns out we use cilantro a lot more. And we didn’t plant it. Well, there’s always next year.) I also put less salt so I didn’t over-salt it!

I did not have Parmesan easily available. (It was in the freezer and I didn’t want to try to grate frozen cheese.) But I put in some caramelized onions that we had leftover from having people over for dinner.


I was kind of tired, so actually, Shanti helped me wash and cut the zucchini in half. (It’s okay. I helped him do dishes.) Then I brushed them with garlic and oil (slightly more than 1 Tablespoon of oil and a clove of minced garlic). I actually had to use slightly more oil than called for.

After it was all topped (1 Tablespoon of tomato sauce, 1/2 Tablespoon-ish of caramelized onion, 1/2 oz of sliced fresh mozzarella, and some salt and pepper), I baked it at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.

I’d forgotten to salt and pepper it. So I did that after taking it out of the oven.

Each slice is about 100 calories. I had two for dinner, which made me no longer hungry, though definitely not full either.



It’s pretty delicious!

The squash is cooked but still al dente, so it has nice texture. The squash by itself is kind of tasteless, which is the whole point. And you can’t really go wrong with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.

I do prefer the texture of cauliflower slightly more than the texture of the squash, especially since the baked riced cauliflower was crispy around the edges. However, this is so much easier that I have a hard time thinking of when I’d want to make it with cauliflower instead. (I do have a back of cauliflower florets from Costco. Somehow I picked it up and completely forgot to look for riced cauliflower–or was that supposed to be Trader Joe’s?)

Also, it’s definitely low carb! Shanti had 3 slices (1-1/2 squash) and still was not full afterward, so he ate some dessert.

I want to try a veggie version of the chicken enchilada zucchini boats next.


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