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Baked Salmon


This means I bought a whole ton of things, including 2.8 pounds of salmon because Costco doesn’t know how to do small portions. Yet it’s still half the price per pound, compared to our local grocery store.


I cut all the salmon into individual sized portions and put them in vacuum seal to be frozen.


Then I roasted the bell peppers in the oven. Just roll them in salt, pepper, and olive oil, and then put them on broil. Turn them once in a while. It’s ok if the skin gets blackened, but don’t let it get burned more than that. You’ll know a side’s done when the skin is wrinkled.

The slicing it up is the giant pain. You’ll want to let them cool a bit. Then, slice them in half, remove all the seeds, and peel the skin off. It’s a messy process.

I did that with 4 bell peppers.

No pictured here, I also caramelized an onion and a half.


Then I made the salmon with the other two bell peppers and some onions. This specific one is: 30g bell peppers, 30g onions, salt, pepper, rosemary, 2 slices of lemon, and 1/2 teaspoon of rice bran oil, and 3.5oz of salmon.

The thing I like about baking meat (salmon, pulled pork, etc) is that you can eyeball the ingredients. No need to be precise like you need to be with cake. And you can also do whatever spices you have on hand, as long as they taste good together. (I had just discovered that we have 3 jars of rosemary!)

Then wrap up the foil packages really tight and bake them at 425 for 15 minutes.

It came out quite well. Very good for a healthy dish. If you were willing to spend more calories on it, you could put 1/2 tablespoon of butter on it instead of the oil, and it’d probably have a richer taste.

We had it with a spinach salad.


Here it is in a handy little glass click lock container for Shanti to take to lunch.


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